Grand Opening

Welcome to Mike’s Maker Mart Grand Opening. After years of dedicated service by our friendly and knowledgeable staff, the doors are finally open for business. Let the shopping commence.

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Shop for your surplus electronics online or from our brick-and-mortar store. Don’t let that precious bit of technology pass you by. You may need it some day.

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ICBM Home Defense

In this volatile world, every American needs to be aware of threats to our freedom-loving way of life. Thankfully, our Constitution’s 2nd amendment provides for every American to defend their home and property. No better way to deter the evil forces of collectivism than having your own backyard ICBM home defense.

ICBM Home Defense
ICBM Home Defense

Mike’s purchased these surplus missiles from our network of international suppliers and is offering these units to the general public at a discount rate. Rapid deployment and advanced guidance system insures first strike capability. These aren’t your Grandma’s obsolete sub-orbital models. All units are brand new, fully tested but never fired. Don’t be the last in your neighborhood to defend Liberty.

Launch Vehicle

Note: comes with FREE launch vehicle at no extra charge, while inventory lasts. Warheads sold separately.

Energy Independence

Are you tired of constantly rising power rates as green weenies stifle energy production? Time to think Energy Independence with your very own gas turbine electric power generator.

Gas Turbine
DIY Gas Turbine

You’ll never be in the dark when you fire-up one of these babies. And if CO2 protesters get on your nerves, touch off the after burner. The 40 foot flame will show them who’s boss.

Easy Maintanance
Easy Maintenance


Mike’s generator units delivering up to 10,000 KW of electric power are available for home delivery today. Don’t miss your opportunity to send the environmental wackos packing.